3 December 2022

Far Cry 5

Deputy Dana Riley dancing with John in the Whitetail Mountains

You’ll need Mod Installer to make mods work. Check out the links section to find out where to download it. A lot of talented people have worked on it so I advise you to check out all these great mods.

Important notes :

If you want to modify or repost a mod I created, please ask me first. I’m happy to make my work available for free, but it’s a matter of politeness and respect.

I created these mods for my own use,  I didn’t necessarily plan to share them all. So it’s quite possible (even probable) that some of them are not optimized or don’t work properly without other dependencies. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a problem, bug with any of them. 🙂

Latest mods


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John Seed pajamas

For those who dream of having a sleepover with the Seed. 🙂 Planes pajamas (HD) Download mod Planes pajamas (standard) ...
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John Seed peggie outfit (v.2)

Sometimes John sneaks up on his men. Download mod ...
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Jacob Seed pajamas

For those who dream of having a sleepover with the Seed. Jacob Seed pajamas (HD) Download mod Jacob Seed pajamas ...
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John Seed peacekeeper

Please make peace ! This sweatshirt replaces the original gray and dirty one. If there is interest, I can also ...
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Joseph Seed valentine suits

Joseph dressed up for the occasion. 🙂 Joseph Seed Valentine suit (leather) Download mod   Joseph Seed Valentine suit (velvet) ...
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I haul the curd, it’s what I do.

Have you always dreamed of materializing Jacob as he is represented in the famous load screen mod by Kingkwon83 ? ...
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Load screens

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