24 July 2024

Volodymyr Zelensky outfit for female and male deputy


Ukrainian president outfit items for male and female deputies. Replaces the following items in store :

– 5.11® Sabre Jacket with a more green one with Ukraine logo
– Black, white and red 5.11® logo on outfits and accessories with 5.11® Ukraine logo
– Deer Season t-shirt with Ukraine 5.11® t-shirt
– Cult security molotov pants (Cult Clothes mod needed !)

Many thanks to ArmanIII for his help and the Czech translation

*black skirt in screenshots non included


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2 thoughts on “Volodymyr Zelensky outfit for female and male deputy

  1. Thanks for the mods ! Some good ones here 🙂

    Might be useful to put the game on the mod page too ,ie: FC6 ,FC5 e.t.c.

    Can be confusing if you’re not sure which game some of the mods are for.

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for your kind message and for suggestion.

      True, mods do have game tags (you can see them on main mods page) but they don’t appear on mods specific pages.

      I’ll give this a look soon, might be useful. 🙂 Have a nice day

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