3 December 2022

Far Cry 5

Deputy Dana Riley dancing with John in the Whitetail Mountains

You’ll need Mod Installer to make mods work. Check out the links section to find out where to download it. A lot of talented people have worked on it so I advise you to check out all these great mods.

Important notes :

If you want to modify or repost a mod I created, please ask me first. I’m happy to make my work available for free, but it’s a matter of politeness and respect.

I created these mods for my own use,  I didn’t necessarily plan to share them all. So it’s quite possible (even probable) that some of them are not optimized or don’t work properly without other dependencies. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a problem, bug with any of them. 🙂

Latest mods


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Faith Seed dresses (updated)

New wardrobe for Faith 🙂 Black dress v.2 (less shiny) Download mod Black dress (shiny as a garbage bag xD) ...
See mod

John Seed Halloween shirt and vest

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween-Halloween ! Download mod ...
See mod

Jacob Seed more realistic shirt [updated]

A few changes to make Jacob's appearance more like a real US Army soldier : new Airborne 82 patch new ...
See mod

John Seed new watch and wedding ring

I created this mod for my personal narrative. The ring and the watch are Eli Palmer's. Download mod ...
See mod

John Seed new watch and gloves

The watch and gloves are those of marshal Burke. Download mod ...
See mod

John Seed Omega Seamaster watch

Replaces John Seed's original watch by James Bond No Time To Die edition Download mod ...
See mod

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