15 April 2024

02 – Proposal

The man standing in front of me is one of my firm’s regular clients. We have been doing business for many years. I obtain confessions from the political and military spheres for him. In exchange, he provides drugs to my associate. Thanks to this, I can attract many personalities to the huge parties I’m organizing, so that I can trick them into confessing to sensitive issues. In fact, it is an eternal cycle. He hands me a cigar while smiling.

— No thanks, I don’t smoke.
— Are you sure ? It’s from my personal tobacco field.

I examine his weathered, tanned face as he lights his cigar. The dark circles under his black eyes betray a hectic, unremitting life. Without knowing him personally, I know that he travels back and forth between his native country and the United States. That’s the advantage of taking people’s confessions. You know almost everything. He blows a fragrant puff in my face and hands me a small bag of white powder.

— In that case, there you go. I think it will suit you better.

I take it and immediately pour a small part of its content on the back of my hand, before bringing it to my nose and inhaling all the cocaine in one go. The delight is immediate. I hesitate to repeat. No. This is not the right time for that. I’ll save it for later. I dip my finger in the powder to take a tiny amount, which I spread on my gums before finally closing the bag and throwing it into my drawer.

— You don’t wear a watch ? That’s very strange for a lawyer.

The remark surprises me. It is true that I take care of my physical appearance and that I could afford a luxury item. But it never occurred to me. What’s the point of watching the hours of your life pass before your eyes when you don’t take any pleasure in living it ?

— No, there is nothing strange about that. I do not wish to be dependent on time.
— That’s a smart life philosophy. Look, John. I’m flying home next month. I’ve got some business to attend to, but I also want to enjoy a couple of relaxing weeks there. I’d love to have you come with me. I will show you some of my fields, and you will be able to make useful contacts in the capital.

The proposal surprises me. I have never left the United States, I don’t see the point. I take a few moments to think about it. Noting my reserve, he resumes.

— I will introduce you to our president. He’s a close friend of mine. I am convinced that your talents will interest him. I know that at this very moment, he is trying to interview some dissidents about the rebellion that is underway. It would be most appreciated if you would lend your expertise in this area to this cause. I would be eternally grateful, and will make sure you never lack for what you need in the future.

A grin spreads across my face.

— What is your country’s name again ?
— Republic of Yara.


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