15 June 2024

Clean Dani (girl and boy)

Play with a clean Dani. Works with HD and standard textures packs.

Dani girl – v2

Now that some lighter outfits are available, the mod needed to be updated for head and body texture to blend better. That’s what v2 is about, only improvement done.





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Dani boy



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2 thoughts on “Clean Dani (girl and boy)

  1. Hi, thx for great mods, but can you upload a female version 1, now version 2 not working for me, or conflict with other mods. want to replay game, and remember that lately has your mod installed, from another modding site.

    1. Hello, thanks for your message.
      V2 is meant to work with recent Mod Installer version. If you have Resistance Mod pack installed, don’t download my mod separately because it’s already included in Resistance Mod. Anyway, it seems you need to update Mod Installer and/or Resistance Mod, because recent mods don’t work with old versions. I won’t upload V1 again because it’s outdated and doesn’t work anymore with recent Mod Installer versions. I hope this helps. Have a nice play 🙂

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