24 July 2024

03 – In the lion’s den

The sun was setting as the pickup made its way around the hairpin bends leading into the valley. Neither Seed nor the deputy said a word. In fact, the turn of events was really starting to distress her. Nothing had gone according to plan, and the situation was completely out of her control. She no longer recognized herself. Why had she given in to the Baptist ? In the absolute, even if nothing irreparable had been committed, the simple fact that she had admitted to enjoying his touch had given reason to this psychopath. She had submitted to his pleasure, of her own free will.

The vehicle’s speed finally slowed down, taking her out of her reflections. The night was now completely fallen. The immense property and the ranch of Seed were spread out in an indecent way in front of her eyes. She stared at it, incredulous.

— What’s this all about ?
— We’ll be safe here. No one will interrupt your confession anymore.

He turned off the ignition and walked around the car to open the door for her. He took a small key out of his pocket and removed her handcuffs. She rubbed her sore wrists.

— Get out.

She complied without flinching. He walked behind her and motioned to her to go to the entrance of his house. As they got closer, she became more and more worried. A few feet from the door, she turned around and screamed in Seed’s face.

— You are all more insane than each other in this family ! And you in particular !

Outraged, he rushed his hands to her throat and squeezed.

— What did you say, you little devil ?

She grabbed his wrists, trying to get him to let go. In desperation, she angrily threw her fists against his chest, hoping to at least hurt him. A sadistic smile appeared on the Baptist’s face. Ah, you want to play that… 

He began to walk at a fast pace, forcing her to back away under the pressure of his fingers clutching her windpipe. They soon reached the front door, against which he tackled her to immobilize her. His right hand released the deputy’s sore throat to search his pocket for the key.

— Now we’re going in, as planned. You’d better keep quiet if you don’t want me to hurt you. Understood ?

She nodded her head in acquiescence. He’s mad ! He’s going to kill you… What were you thinking, you stupid girl ?

He slowly released the pressure by turning the key in the lock. She breathed in deeply and loudly, before spitting out her lungs and bending over.

— Take off your boots !
— What ?
— I want my house to stay clean. And put them down inside, you never know who might walk by.

He was himself taking off his shoes while barking his order. She complied without flinching, the demonstration he had just made to her had increased the terror in her. Now she knew that he could go crazy at any moment and decide to take her life for no reason. Damn it. What did I do ?

Once inside, he violently slammed the door and pinned the deputy on it again. He angrily ripped off her jacket and threw it on the floor. This asshole Nick Rye’s jacket. Why is she hanging out with him ?

— You’ll be more comfortable this way. Is that terror I see in her eyes ?

His expression softened. He slowly released her.

— It’s a little cold, isn’t it ?

He had spoken in a low voice and in a soft and serene way. She nodded, still in the grip of panic fear. Oh my goodness. Looks like he has multiple personalities.

— I’ll light a fire.

He gently grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her into the darkness, toward the center of the room. A huge stone fireplace stood proudly there. In front of it, a large worn leather sofa was set up so that its occupants could contemplate the hearth. He made her sit in the middle of the sofa, then delicately seized her chin in his large tattooed hand, looking embarrassed.

— Excuse me, deputy. My gestures exceeded my thoughts.

She opened large, astonished eyes, still afraid. He continued in a calm tone.

— I can’t stand people talking about my family like that. Jacob and Joseph are the only people who have been there for me.

He stood up and threw some logs into the fireplace, then struck a match to start the fire.

— Would you like some ice for your throat?

She nodded, still silent, scared to death.

— I’ll get that for you. Just stay there. Please.

He had pronounced this last word with an incredible softness. The pressure went down slightly. She was not reassured, however. What was he going to do with her now ? Why had she thrown herself into the lion’s den ? She had stupidly given in to her impulses, without thinking further. And now she was going to pay for it. Serves you right, stupid girl ! Fear had frozen her, she couldn’t fight back. This was the first time this situation had arisen. You’re a fucking cop, damn it ! You should know how to handle this kind of trouble ! You should have fought back and neutralized him !

* * *

The Baptist returned quickly, holding a tray that he placed on the arm of the sofa. He handed her a cup, which she took.

— Here, some tea.

She hesitated a few seconds, doubtful. He had no reason to want to poison her. She brought nervously the drink to her lips, not leaving him of the eyes. Mmmh. Yes, it’s tea. It feels good.

Once she had swallowed a few sips, he turned to grab something else from the tray. He presented her with a towel, after dipping it in a basin of water.

— I’m out of ice, sorry. Put this on your throat, it should give you some relief.

She stood still, staring at him in dismay. Why the hell can’t I move ?

— I’ll do it. Okay ?

She silently nodded.

He sat down beside her and gently applied the towel to the light strangulation marks he had inflicted on her. She sighed. The cool water soothed her instantly. She felt her energy slowly return. Seed gently removed the cloth and placed it on the other side of her neck. She had regained her nerve. She ventured to question him, her voice husky.

— Why are you treating me ? Why didn’t you just strangle me earlier ?
— I don’t want to hurt you. All I want is to release you from your burden.

She stared into Seed’s eyes. Those eyes… hell, no ! Get a grip !

— Then you better kill me right now, because I’m not going to confess anything to you.
— You disappoint me, wrath. That’s not the impression you gave me earlier. I had understood that you would confess your sins to me in exchange for… my attention.

He moved slightly closer to her. Their knees were almost touching. There was silence now, and only the crackling of wood in the fireplace echoed in the room. The tension went up a notch. Shit, here we go again. He murmured, in a breath.

— You have my full attention, deputy.

She did not react. He moved closer again. His face was now so close to hers that she could feel his warm breath on her lips. His hand drifted slowly from the wet towel up to her ear. He gently stroked her cheek with his thumb, staring into her eyes. Goddamn it, don’t look at me like that !

— Tell me everything, wrath. I’m listening to you. I won’t hurt you. Even if I want to.
— Seed… No, I won’t break !

The Baptist’s gaze intensified. What a delight to hear her voice say my name. She didn’t say another word. He gently slid his hand from her ear to her cheek, then his thumb moved down to brush her lower lip. He stared at her half-open mouth, and slowly articulated in a whisper.

— I’m listening, deputy.

She swallowed with difficulty while moving back in the sofa to escape his captivating hold. He approached again of her, putting her against the backrest. This time she had no more escape.

— I must confess that I am disappointed. You seemed more invested in my interrogation room. Do you feel better there than here ?
— You’re… you’re scaring me !

She sank deeper into the backrest. He moved his face forward so that their noses were touching. He repeated in a whisper.

— I’m scaring you ?

She nodded. Kiss me ! As if reading her mind, he placed his lips very gently on her forehead in a chaste kiss.

— You don’t have to be afraid. I’m here to help you. Trust me.

Trust him ? No way, never !

— You don’t have to talk, if you don’t want to. You can show me.

Her cheeks flushed. He seized her by the shoulders to make her slide gently horizontally on the sofa. She remained inert, without reaction. He scanned her eyes a few moments then moved back. No… do not move away !

— Apparently, you are no longer interested in the gentle way. Let’s not insist. If you prefer torture, I will grant your wish.

Coming out suddenly of her torpor, she clutched the rear of his hair to draw him to her and to place her mouth against his, clashing their teeth in the middle of shaky breaths.

He violently withdrew from her embrace. He was fulminating.

— No, wrath !

She did not understand anything anymore. She had believed to do well.

Seeing her confused look, Seed calmed down. He lay down on top of her to kiss her forehead once more.

— No kisses, deputy.
— Why ?
— Kisses are for lovers.
— Oh, makes sense. Is there anything else that might trigger your anger, just so I don’t get into trouble unintentionally ?
— Yes. Don’t touch my hair. I hate having my hair messed up.
— Got it.
— What about you ? Is there anything you don’t want me to do to you ?
— Well… don’t hurt me. I told you yes, so you don’t have to rough me up.
— I won’t brutalize you.

As if to support his words, he buried his face in the deputy’s neck, gratifying her with wet kisses. She passed her arms around him. She was dying to slip her fingers in his long shining hair, but that was forbidden. She found a compromise by posing her hands on the Baptist’s neck, to keep him tight against her. Her cheeks turned pink at the contact of his erection against her belly. Oh fuck… She had not been able to retain a startle. Guessing her thought, he smiled against her throat.

— Do I have the same effect on you, wrath ?

Embarrassed, she didn’t answer. Seed straightened up to look her in the eye.

— Do you want this ?
— What would you care ? If I said no, you’d force me.
— You’re wrong. I’m not forcing you into anything. I’m not interested in non-consensual sex, I like the person I’m fucking to be responsive and appreciative. I am not a rapist. If you don’t want it, just say so.
— I want it.

The answer had slipped out of her control. You stupid girl !

He addressed her a smile before putting again his lips in her throat, where his fingers had previously left now almost disappeared traces . She moaned at the touch of his tongue and the tingling of his beard on the thin skin of her neck. Ah, this is so nice. Don’t stop.

Seed’s mouth went down a few more inches to the hollow of her collarbones. The long strands of his freshly washed and carefully combed hair tickled the deputy’s nostrils. She inhaled deeply the effluvium of it. Mmmmmh… you smell so good. Contrary to the other henchmen of Eden’s Gate who don’t seem to wash often. If only I could run my hand through your hair.

He went down a little further, until his lips were right on the tattoo he had inflicted on her. “Wrath”. Maybe next time I can write “lust”. She flinched at his touch.

— Does it still hurt ?
— No ! Yes, but I don’t want to please you by telling you that you hurt me.
— Mine still hurts. Gives me a chance to think about you regularly. Even though I don’t need that for you to haunt my mind day and night.

She blushed. She didn’t know how to take this comment, both flattering and threatening.

He resumed his wet kisses in her cleavage.

— Let me take off your t-shirt.

Her cheeks flushed once again. She didn’t expect him to ask her permission for anything. The fact she had to formally agree made her uncomfortable, especially because she knew for a fact that he loved to be told yes and she didn’t want to give him that pleasure. After a few seconds of reflection, she found a parade.

— Can I take off your shirt ?
— You do not answer my question, deputy…

His eyes shone with amusement. A silent yes. I’m fine with that too. He stood over her and quickly unbuttoned his vest before tossing it to the floor. He then attacked his shirt buttons, under the deputy’s burning glance. She did not waste a crumb. Spreading the pieces of fabric and pointing out her name, written in big under his collarbones, he murmured.

— Look what you did to me, devilish girl.
— You started.

With a sharp gesture, he removed his shirt and threw it on the ground.

— Give me your hand.

Without waiting for an answer, he seized her hand to put it flat on the tattoo. The heat of his chest radiated to her. She shuddered. He withdrew his palm to attract her to his lips and slowly kissed her fingers one by one. He slipped her index finger in his mouth to suck it sensually. Oh fuck… that feels so good ! She could not retain a moan. Satisfied, he articulated slowly.

— I do not intend to limit myself to your fingers.

Stunned, she contemplated him silently. My God, how he arouses me ! I didn’t think he was capable of so much sweetness.

Once again, she had the impression that he was reading her thoughts.

— Well, I think we’ve had enough of this cooing. Let us move to the serious things.

He seized her by the armpits to make her sit, then took hold of the bottom of her t-shirt to go up and pass it over her shoulders and throw it on the ground, close to his shirt. Without transition, his fingers threw themselves on her belt, to which was still hung her radio. He threw it on the ground and attacked the button of her cloth pants to open it of a sharp gesture. She undertook to reserve the same fate to Seed’s jeans. She undid with a little pain the huge EG initials stamped belt buckle to unzip it. He pulled on her trouser and she lay down by raising her hips to allow him to withdraw it. The Baptist rose to remove himself his jeans. Then he took a few moments to observe her.

She was not really his kind. Rather small, provided with wide thighs and hips. Not really the supermodel size he liked. She did, however, have a lovely chest and a rather fine skin texture, although her dermis was marked by dryness.

— Nice skin. You should moisturize it and take care of it.

She returned his ardent gaze. She looked at his torso. He wasn’t so tattooed after all. Apart from the name she had engraved on him, only the black ink of the “lust” inscription at the bottom of his belly stood out on his clear skin. A disgusting scar that seemed to represent a word adorned his collarbones. His arms were more heavily decorated, especially the area from wrists to elbows, covered in patterns and inscriptions. She was surprised to see that no tattoos decorated his lower body. Only some fine stretch marks exceeded the boxer adjusted to his muscular thighs.

He settled down again on the sofa to lie down on her, and cover her face and throat with kisses, while she feverishly swept her fingers on his neck. Oh my God. Why do I want him so badly ? What is he doing to me ? He put his mouth and hands on the horrible tattoo, before lowering them on her bra cups.

The heavy and cold bunker key, which he always kept tied around his neck, caressed the deputy’s bust from top to bottom, inflicting a shiver. With an assured gesture, he pulled on the fabric to release her chest. She gave a small cry of surprise while his palms positioned on her naked breasts. Oh my God.

The slightest of Seed’s gestures triggered now a delicious torture in her lower abdomen. He grasped her hardened nipples between his fingers and tugged gently on them, drawing another moan from her. Quickly, his lips replaced his hands. She sighed with pleasure. He sucked each of the tips in turn, caressing them lasciviously with his tongue, occasionally sinking his teeth into the fine flesh. You bastard… it feels so good ! I’m going to end up cracking if he keeps it up.

Seed’s beard gently tickled her navel, his lips moved down to the elastic of her panties. Oh no, don’t go there ! She grabbed his head to hold him back. He straightened up to look her right in the eyes, positioning his fingers on her hips.

— I told you to not touch my hair, or you’ll regret it ! Lift your bum.

She executed without discussion and took advantage to undo her bra clip. She removed it while he made the last fabric piece covering her slip. She laid her glance on the Baptist. The narrow boxer now hardly contained his erection. My God. I’m naked on John Seed’s couch, and he wants me as much as I want him. What the hell am I doing here ?

She reached out to grab his underwear waistband and release him. He let himself do it obediently. She walked her fingers on his ribs, his hips… and did not resist to the desire to caress the cock he raised in front of her. For the first time of the evening, it was her turn to tear off him a moan. In response to her touch, he put his hand between her thighs to caress her in turn, first brushing her, then with more supported gestures. Oh my God! How soft he is !

She could not believe it. A few moments ago, she was certain he would jump on her and take her roughly, but his attitude was the opposite of what she had imagined.

— Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had sex ?
— Is this your way of warning me that it will be intense but short ?

He chuckled.

— Don’t worry about that. I’ve prepared for you.

Prepared for me ? What does that mean ?

She moaned louder than she intended when he slipped a finger inside her and began to wiggle it around, giving her pleasurable back and forth. It was too much for her.

— Please…
— What ?
— Not here… in your bed…

Slowly removing his finger from her warmth, he grabbed her thighs to lift her up.

— Put your legs and arms around me.

She complied, while he firmly planted his fingers in her buttocks to maintain her against him while he rose. He slowly made his way to the stairs. She covered Seed’s throat with wet, sonorous kisses until they finally reached the bedroom door.

* * *

He laid her down on the sheets, leaning over her to keep their bodies close together. Then he grabbed the hanging key from his chest, slowly passed it over his head and placed it on the bedside table. He repeated the operation with his large branded watch, in a slow and calculated gesture. His deliberate slowness and the touch of his erection against her belly drove the deputy mad, blowing the filter between her thoughts and words.

— Take me, Seed !
— Are you sure about this, you little devil ?
— Yes !

That one word made him hard in any situation. Despite the hard-to-sustain urge, he slipped a hand between her already soaked thighs again, drawing a moan from her.

— Am I responsible for this, wrath ?
— Please …
— Are you begging me ?
— Please !

He couldn’t wait any longer either. He lay down on her to bluntly penetrate her. As soon as he was inside her, she compressed herself around him. She felt in the right place, here and now. He was the first man other than her husband, with whom she had lived for over ten years, to touch her. Seed let out a groan.

— Oh fuck ! Wrath… you’re so warm !

She pulled him against her, digging her nails into his back and wildly biting into his neck. Seed’s thrusting in and out of her turned her on terribly. He was good, he was filling her, and he belonged to her now. He panted harder and harder. He was not going to hold for long.

There’s no way you’re the only one enjoying this moment. We both wanted it ! In a sudden movement, she straightened up, throwing Seed off of her. He looked at her with a dazed and dissatisfied look but didn’t have time to open his mouth to say anything. She pushed him backwards so that he lay down on the back, then straddled him and impaled herself on him.

He tried to clutch her hips to impose her a cadenced movement, but she seized his wrists and joined them on the pillow above his head. He gave her an astonished smirk. “Wrath… you’ re full of surprises ! ” She did not note his remark and immobilized his wrists of a hand while the other stroked his chest, ribs, belly and hips. Amused by the turning of events, he let her maintain him. She was dying to kiss him hardly, to insinuate her tongue inside his mouth. But she held back. Kisses are for lovers. Not for people fucking for lust.

She was now sliding very slowly along his soaked with their fluids cock, while her intimacy rubbed firmly against Seed’s lower abdomen with each movement, at the same rhythm as her increasingly accentuated moans. He saw in her eyes that she was approaching ecstasy. He wanted to contribute to her pleasure. He undid himself of her catch and passed a hand behind to pull her hair, forcing her to bend while he straightened up to take her offered breast in mouth.

Waves of pleasure gradually seized the deputy. A flash of lucidity reminded her that he was her enemy. What are you doing ??? She had to avoid at all costs to let herself go, she did not want him to see her in a state of intense fragility. She suddenly modified her hips angle to avoid any contact between the skin of Seed and the sensitive point of her intimacy, so that the sensations intensity went down. The change did not seem to influence the Baptist’s pleasure, who gripped her hips to make her bang bestially on him. She let him do so. She could not hold back any longer, despite the change of position. All that mattered to her was that he came before her. As if he had read her mind, he roared with pleasure and poured himself between her thighs with no restraint, breathless.

She collapsed on Seed, exhausted. Her heart rate was just as frantic as his, both their hearts beating in unison. Several minutes passed, during which they remained silent and motionless. The deputy was not very sure of the behavior to be adopted after the evening’s events. Would he dismiss her without formality, now that he had what he wanted ? Would he torture her, or worse, kill her ?

She carefully withdrew from Seed’s hips, leaving a trail of their mingled pleasures on his belly.

— Can I use your bathroom ?
— Of course you can. You don’t need to ask my permission. It’s right there.

He indicated the door opposite the bed of a gesture, then he released his grip and let her slip away.

Once alone in the bathroom, she carefully wiped her soiled body. She didn’t dare face her own gaze in the mirror, still embarrassed by the contradictory situation. You really are the lamest cop in Montana !

When she entered the darkened room again, Seed seemed to have fallen asleep. She stood still for a few seconds to better discern the sound of his breathing. For the first time since she had met him, he seemed calm and relaxed, and she felt reassured by his presence. She crept as quietly as possible to the door and put her hand on the handle.

— It’s late. You can stay here tonight, if you want.

Stunned, she turned to look for the direction of his voice. A silent struggle took place in her mind. Should I stay and definitely admit what happened ? Should I leave silently and forget everything ? She took a few moments to consider. Sensing her embarrassment, Seed snapped.

— The bed is big enough for us to stay on our own without having to touch each other.

Exhausted by the emotions of this intense day, she gave up any further thought. She slipped silently into the enemy’s bed, making sure to keep a maximum distance between them, and fell asleep almost instantly.

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