23 May 2024

John Seed GFH in Lost on Mars DLC

John will replace Brobot in Lost on Mars DLC. If you want another character as a companion on Mars, feel free to contact me.

Make sure you read following info before using mod :

– You must own Lost on Mars DLC to use it.
– It’s better to finish DLC before using mod. Human GFH is not intended to be used, therefore can cause bugs and degrade game experience, such as gameplay and story.
– Unlike Brobot, John does not fly but walks ! Therefore, he will walk on the sand, attracting arachnids.
– He uses a regular “Earth” rifle to shoot ennemies.
– He will regularly get stuck when in a high place or in a cavity (he can’t jump). You’ll unfortunately have to kill him (or teleport anywhere else) to make him come to you again.
– For best visual experience, use it with my John on Mars mod, which will give him a spacesuit (pics are taken with it).
– Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed to replace files in menu. So you’ll still see Hurk Brobot pic and name (also John will be named Brobot in game)


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